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The Power of Hope is Real by Nicholas Kristof

The New York Times

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Rutland Herald – Dorset nonprofit group garners $500k gift, Patrick McArdle, Rutland Herald


Making a Difference for Mothers
Making a Difference for Mothers

This Mother's Day, BOMA is celebrating a major milestone. We have now impacted 105,624 women and children since we launched in 2009. Participants in our two-year, holistic poverty graduation program are earning incomes, feeding their families, accumulating savings,...

The Power of Hope is Real by Nicholas Kristof
The Power of Hope is Real by Nicholas Kristof

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The Proven Solution to Ending Extreme Poverty
The Proven Solution to Ending Extreme Poverty

Do poverty graduation programs increase resilience for ultra-poor populations better than other types of interventions? Findings from a 3-year randomized control trial confirm that long-term positive effects of graduation outpace those of cash or asset transfer only....

In Turbi and Bubisa, BOMA business women are thriving with diverse businesses like raising livestock, selling vegetables, and running a retail store for shoes and fabric, earning incomes & supporting their families. @vibrant_village #endpoverty #globalgoals #empoweringwomen

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