KSEIP-EIP Mentor - Mwatate

Employer: The BOMA Project

Position: Mentor

Duration: 1 year (Renewable)

Locations: Mwachabo

Sub-County: Mwatate

County: Taita Taveta

Number of Available Positions: 1 position

Reports to: Mwatate Mentor Supervisor

Background: The Government of Kenya has engaged the GDI Consortium (comprised of The BOMA Project, Global Development Incubator and Village Enterprise) to support the implementation of the Economic Inclusion Program. The goal is to ensure that selected program participants from this Sub-County benefit in among the following ways: participant households i) are linked with programs and services that enable them to graduate from extreme poverty; ii) establish a sustainable livelihood that can provide support when they face socio-economic shocks; iii) build on skills, knowledge, and aptitudes to navigate the market; iv) have strong social connections; and v) are active members of a Village Savings and Loan Association.

Organization Overview: The BOMA Project is a fast-growing non-profit in US and a Kenyan non-governmental organization that is helping women entrepreneurs 33,000+ and counting to start new businesses in Eastern Africa. The BOMA project helps women impacted by climate change to start new businesses to earn income, build a better future for themselves and their children, and evolve into respected leaders within their communities.

Position Overview: The BOMA Project seeks a mentor who is passionate about alleviating poverty in their County and dedicated to their role as mentor, trainer and community leader. This is a full-time field-based position. The Mentor is responsible for the delivery of program outputs and coordination of activities at the location level. The holder of this position shall report to the assigned Mentor Supervisor.


Provide Mentoring:

  • Provide mentorship to participant households to choose and run a business of their choice using methods outlined in the program guide for Mentoring. Mentoring will require at least one visit to each participant household per month
  • Provide appropriate support, advice, and linkages to participant households on their prioritized businesses.
  • Help participant households in producing credible business and marketing plans including how to balance positive cash flow and maintain accounts.
  • Connect participants’ businesses across the value chain by identifying relevant stakeholders, suppliers etc. and creating sustainable commercial relationships between the parties.

Support Participant Household Business Development 

  • Identify most viable businesses in the select locations in the Sub-County in collaboration with the County Program Managers, Mentor Supervisors and relevant GoK officials,
  • Support participant households to identify viable businesses across select locations in the Sub-County.
  • Help participant households in producing credible business and marketing plans including how to balance positive cash flow and maintain accounts.
  • Support participant households to start viable businesses in the specific locations in the Sub-County.
  • Support participants’ businesses to comply with requisite county trade and license requirements and fill out proper forms as specified in the mentor manual.
  • Mobilize participant households to form business groups
  • Provide information and materials for marketing, value addition, business development, motivation and value chain maintenance.

Provide Training and disbursement support:

  • Lead the locational planning, training, and participant engagements for training purposes
  • Facilitate trainings for all participants according to approved training processes as detailed in Mentor Manual
  • Support key stakeholders before, during and after asset transfer
  • Conduct supplemental training sessions after asset transfer disbursements
  • Lead the evaluation of participants’ household business performance after asset transfer disbursements

Support Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs):

  • Organize VSLAs for participants funded during the program.
  • Train participants on VSLA formation for self-directed savings and loans
  • Attend Monthly Savings Group Meetings and provide assistance as needed.
  • Report on the VSLAs’ performance in their respective location(s)

Exposure and Analysis:

  • Support information sharing and sensitization sessions to local government agencies
  • Consult with other Mentors to determine best practices and share learnings
  • Attend Mentor Trainings and participate in other relevant Mentor meetings, as required
  • Organize program visits to participant businesses as requested.
  • Train program participants how to make engaging presentations to potential value chain actors as well as showcase successes to key stakeholders.
  • Organize and facilitate peer to peer learning and exchange events between the different participants supported by the program.


  • Continuously sensitize program participants on safeguarding.
  • Ensure compliance with the Consortium’s safeguarding policies
  • Report any incident of breach of safeguarding in program operations for appropriate action/follow-up.


  • Has great knowledge of the selected locations and the Sub-County (cultural and geographic knowledge)
  • Possess basic knowledge of business types/ livelihoods in the Sub-County (necessary in selection and establishment of participants’ businesses)
  • Has strong interpersonal skills (can communicate the right messages and motivate participants)
  • Possess excellent communication skills (can interact and engage with various community groups with ease)
  • Dedicated, hardworking and highly self-motivated


  • A certificate in community development, business management, education or any other training related to rural development
  • Experience with teaching, training, mentoring and/or community service
  • Served in a comparable and relevant position for a minimum period of one (1) year
  • Shown merit and ability in work performance and results
  • Strongly encouraged – Have a valid motorcycle license and experience on how to ride a motorcycle or (at least willingness to present a motorcycle license within the first 3 months of employment).
  • Must be a native of the respective location you are applying for with working knowledge of English, Swahili and the local language.


Interested candidates who meet the desired qualification are encouraged to email their Cover Letter and CV including 3 referees and their current and salary expectation to: and addressed to ‘The Recruitment Team’.

The subject line of your application should be clearly marked: Mentor – Mwachabo Location. Clearly indicate on the subject line the location you are applying to work in. Applications must be received by 24th December 2021. Late applications willnot be considered.

While we thank all applicants for expressing interest in the role, however only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Preference will be given to candidates who come from and are currently residing in the respective location they have applied i.e. Mwachabo, Mwatate

** qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply.

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