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BOMA is Building Resilience in Uganda
BOMA is Building Resilience in Uganda

The global refugee population has more than doubled in the last decade, and at least 100 million people have been forced to leave their home over the last ten years. Today, sub-Saharan Africa hosts more than 26% of the world’s refugee population. Forced into...

BOMA Entrepreneurs are Building a Brighter Future
BOMA Entrepreneurs are Building a Brighter Future

Nkooyian Lesanlurikuri was married at the young age of 15 to a man old enough to be her grandfather. She gave birth to a son and three daughters. Then her husband passed away. Nkooyian was left a heavy burden of caring for four children as a single mother with no...

Introducing #WomenPoweredWednesdays, a BOMA initiative to celebrate and empower women-led businesses worldwide while raising funds for female entrepreneurs in Africa.
Learn more at bomaproject.org/womenpoweredwednesdays (#LinkInBio)

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“When women and girls are empowered to live to their full potential, everyone benefits.” - from 'Women and Girls at the Center of Development,' by Gates Foundation

Did you know that, among 480 recent BOMA graduates, 99 percent of the women have multiple sources of income and 97 percent said that all girl-children were enrolled in primary school? #TheBOMADifference

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The drylands of East Africa have been heavily impacted by #ExtremePoverty and #Climate Change, with more than 13,335,811 women and children living on less than $1.90 per day.

Men can be gone for weeks in search of water and grazing land for livestock while women are often left alone, without a reliable source of income or food for their family.

At BOMA, we believe that the economic empowerment of women is critical in breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. Since 2009, BOMA has transformed the lives of more than 226,000 women and children by helping them start businesses and build a better future #TheBOMADifference

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BOMA staff and board members recently met with the Nabulaa Savings Group in Nkaroni, within eastern Samburu county. Nabulaa's women entrepreneurs weathered the worst of the pandemic by diversifying their businesses and relying on each other as well as their BOMA mentor.

After a long journey over nearly two years, Nabulaa's members will graduate from BOMA's REAP program in October!

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"Lonolngenje is part of an unusual climate adaptation project that is helping once-marginalized Samburu women earn money and manage a vital natural resource as climate change disrupts the environment around them. Instead of razing trees, they are now planting them."

BOMA's women entrepreneurs are empowered in the truest sense of the term — learn how Samburu women are leading the sustainable use of their local forest in @yaleenvironment360! #LinkInBio

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Today is #WorldRefugeeDay. Did you know that sub-Saharan Africa hosts more than 26% of the world’s refugee population, and one million people have fled into Uganda alone over the last decade? The BOMA Project is working to lift millions out of extreme poverty — including refugee populations in the West Nile region of #Uganda. Learn how at www.bomaproject.org #WithRefugees ...

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We are thrilled to announce that author and philanthropist #MacKenzieScott has donated $10 million to The BOMA Project! This gift will allow BOMA to accelerate and expand its work across Africa to reach millions of women and families.

Read more on our website, www.bomaproject.org (#LinkInBio)

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“I had only three goats and two cows. Now I have 20 goats and seven cows,” Lentipo said. “Our kids go to school. I can buy medicine for my kids, my husband and even the livestock if they are sick.”

Nkaspan Lentipo’s life changed when she became a BOMA participant. Check out the link in our bio to learn how a partnership between BOMA and @ucdavis is helping women like Nkaspan battle #climatechange, build #resilience, and forge a path out of #extremepoverty

Photo by Pablo Delvaux for UC Davis 📸

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BOMA empowers women with the skills and confidence to start new businesses. Those women use their income to educate their children and keep them healthy. To fight the devastating impact of climate change. To become respected leaders in their patriarchal communities.

BOMA participants become entrepreneurs in the truest sense of the term — they challenge social norms and change the definition of what’s possible. In doing so, they're building a better future.

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Introducing #WomenPoweredWednesdays, a BOMA initiative to celebrate and empower women-led businesses worldwide while raising funds for female entrepreneurs in Africa. Learn more and join us at https://bomaproject.org/womenpoweredwednesdays! #WPW

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