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BOMA Entrepreneurs are Building a Brighter Future
BOMA Entrepreneurs are Building a Brighter Future

Nkooyian Lesanlurikuri was married at the young age of 15 to a man old enough to be her grandfather. She gave birth to a son and three daughters. Then her husband passed away. Nkooyian was left a heavy burden of caring for four children as a single mother with no...

BOMA’s CEO John Stephens featured on Great.com podcast
BOMA’s CEO John Stephens featured on Great.com podcast

Spirit Rosenberg from Great.com interviewed John Stephens, CEO of The BOMA Project as part of their 'Great.com Talks With...' podcast. This series is an antidote to negative news stories that aims to shed light on organizations and experts whose work is making a...

Team BOMA is in Turkana, #Kenya to empower 1,680 new #WomenEntrepreneurs alongside our partner @wholeplanet! These women will be enrolled in BOMA's proven #PovertyGraduation program and empowered to lift their families out of extreme poverty over two years.

When this cohort graduates, more than 10,000 women, children, and other dependent household members in Turkana will be lifted out of #ExtremePoverty and on the path to lasting #Resilience. #TheBOMADifference

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In the drylands of Africa, more than 400 million people are living in extreme poverty and crises like #COVIC19 and #ClimateChange threaten millions more. On #IDEP2021, we must recommit to reach those left behind and #EndExtremePoverty. ...

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Now more than ever, there is a critical need for sustainable efforts to #EndExtremePoverty. For the International Day for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty, BOMA is joining our peers in advocating for the use of World Bank IDA funds to strengthen economic inclusion and reach vulnerable populations left behind — including the #women, #youth, and #refugees that BOMA serves. Learn more at the link in our bio. #IDEP #IDEP2021 #SDG1 (Photo by @AmiVitale) ...

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Lina Lesangale is a powerful example of #FemaleEntrepreneurship and #Resilience. When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened her kiosk business, Lina and her business partners banded together to diversify their income through a new poultry endeavor. With the help of a recovery grant, Lina's businesses are now stronger than ever. Today, we're celebrating women powered businesses like Lina's. Join us and share how your life has been touched by a female-led business using the #WomenPoweredWednesdays hashtag! ...

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"I want to be a teacher. I know if I work very hard, I can accomplish my goal — because now, life is very different." On #DayOfTheGirl, join BOMA's mission to #EndExtremePoverty in Africa's drylands by investing in the potential of girls like Gano (#LinkInBio) ...

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Did you know that an educated girl is less vulnerable to violence, can wait to marry until she's ready, and often has fewer children? In adulthood, her wages will increase by 10-20% for each year of school she completed. For a girl experiencing extreme poverty, the difference is life changing. ...

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More than 1.89 billion people live in #ExtremePoverty worldwide and #COVID19 is threatening millions more. At BOMA, we believe that investing in the #Resilience of vulnerable populations is key to lasting change. Learn more at https://bomaproject.org (Photo by @amivitale) ...

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You're invited to join the #WomenPoweredWednesdays movement. Invest as an individual, family, or business in BOMA's effort to empower 10,000 new #WomenEntrepreneurs in #Africa - helping them and their families break the cycle of #ExtremePoverty for good: https://bomaproject.org/womenpoweredwednesdays/ ...

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BOMA's proven #PovertyGraduation approach provides lasting #Resilience to shocks like Covid-19 and the impacts of climate change. Participants graduate from extreme poverty with the tools to #BuildABrighterFuture for themselves and their families. (Photo by @amivitale.) ...

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Meet BOMA's newest participants, who just received business startup grants on their phones through a digital payment. Over the next two years, these #WomenEntrepreneurs will lift themselves and their families out of extreme poverty, for good. #Empowerment #Equality #Resilience

What's bringing you joy today? For us, it's building pathways out of #ExtremePoverty for thousands in Marsabit alongside our #NGO partners and the Gov't of #Kenya! #SocialProtection #Partnership #Africa @MarsabitGov @USAIDKenya @FAOAfrica @WFP_Kenya @lmskenya @ResilienceLear2

Resilience Learning Activity@ResilienceLear2

Happening today! Launch of the #Social Protection Policy for @MarsabitGov. @USAIDKenya @CatholicRelief @WFP_Kenya @FAOAfrica @WorldVisionKE @BOMAProject @PacidaKenya @lmskenya

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