A chance to celebrate and empower women
entrepreneurs globally, while raising funds and
awareness for aspiring female entrepreneurs in the
drylands of Africa.

Our Mission

Women Powered Wednesdays (WPW) is a movement by BOMA which sets the entrepreneurial spirit of women alight. We aim to celebrate and empower women-led businesses worldwide, while raising funds for female entrepreneurs in Africa.

Every Wednesday, we encourage you to support women entrepreneurs by purposefully purchasing products and services from female led and owned businesses.

You can also get involved by making a direct donation or starting a personal fundraiser to help us raise $1 million to create 10,000 new women entrepreneurs in Africa - helping these women and their families break the cycle of poverty for good.







Businesses Funded

$530 / 1,000,000

Josephine Ekai became an entrepreneur to provide her family financial stability and security after escaping a difficult marriage. Ekai says, “My greatest achievement after opening this business is that I have built my very own house where we are living with my children… I am grateful to BOMA for coming to Oldonyiro and changing my life.”


Our WPW campaign not only touches the lives of those in Africa, but it also celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of women all around the world! Take a look at the businesses supporting and promoting our campaign.

Every Wednesday, we encourage you to purposefully make purchases from these women-led businesses to support and celebrate them, while also raising awareness for the female entrepreneurs in Africa.

We are grateful to the following foundations, government agencies and partners who support our work to lift women and children out of extreme poverty.

Do you run or manage a female-led business? Download our brochure to find out how you can support WPW movement and make a donation today!

A word from our supporters

  • “I have had the pleasure of visiting the BOMA Project in Kenya and was so impressed by their work. I was mostly amazed by their staff. They are not only knowledgeable, highly competent, and resourceful, but they bring a level of dedication that only comes with being from the communities they serve. They are the secret sauce to this very powerful program!”

    Marieme Daff, Donor (2020)
  • “I work with hundreds of non-profits, and I’m continually impressed not just by how BOMA uses technology for data collection ad program monitoring in someone the world’s most challenging environments, but how BOMA thinks about technology as a tool to achieve impact. BOMA is at the cutting edge of leveraging technology to accelerate social impact.”

    Margot Isman, Managing Director, Vera Solutions (2017)
  • “Dining for Women reviews hundreds of organizations that support women in the developing world. We love BOMA because they provide reports that demonstrate the impact of our donations on families’ daily nutrition, living conditions and education. Most importantly, they share our commitment to fostering women’s economic independence.”

    Marsha Wallace, Founder and President, Dining for Women
  • “Last year we made the long journey to the distant lands where BOMA operate. In our pre-trip desk analysis, we had focused on businesses, grants, impact and scalability. On the ground we saw women, hope, success and inspiration. If only the wider world could see the difference BOMA is making in a place that many have forgotten even exists.”

    Mark Cubit, Planet Wheeler Foundation (2017)
  • “We are thrilled to make a multi-year investment in BOMA, and its measurable and impactful approach towards creating dignity and self-reliance amongst women. We are impressed with BOMA’s commitment to the most impoverished people, the organization’s vision for scale, and its thoughtful approach to mitigating risk.”

    Dave Peery, Managing Director, Peery Foundation (2018)
  • “It’s a privilege to partner with social entrepreneurs who take on the very hardest challenges to solve. I’ve always marvelled at how BOMA’s program empowers thousands of ultra-poor women, at the epicentre of climate change, to create a better future for themselves. I admire that BOMA is never satisfied with helping a few families a little bit.”

    Jane Leu, Founder/CEO Smarter Good (2016)
  • “BOMA’s gender-focused approach to building resilience in ultra-poor communities in eastern Africa has demonstrated not only proof that the model works but evidence that it can be scaled for major impact. Their rigorous commitment to data-driven results and their dedication to helping one million women and children overcome extreme poverty by 2022 made them a great fit for RA5’s portfolio.”

    Thad Hutton, RA5 Foundation (2017)
  • “This is an organization that gets it. Kathleen C. the founder is full of energy, full of passion and so bright and hardworking you can't help but like her and her team. They are fully committed to doing what they do and making a difference. They laugh, they cry, they dream and they tirelessly do things to bring smiles and a better life to forgotten women. They are extraordinary because they truly change lives!”

    George Orme, Donor, 2013


  • Agnes Lekupe

    Business owner / Livestock Trading Operation

    Agnes received £300 to start a livestock business – something that would have been unheard of in her community without the help of BOMA. Agnes said, “BOMA has gone into communities and made so many women into successful entrepreneurs. We hear stories of women making money for their families. The men in our village have become more open to the idea of women running businesses.”

  • Hawai Gufu

    Business owner / Tailoring Company

    Hawai Gufu is a tailor who has watched her business and family income grow since becoming a BOMA participant. Throught BOMA, Hawai received training in areas like supply and demand, profit and pricing, record keeping, and marketing. Life-skills sessions included household decision-making, the importance of educating children (especially girls), family planning, and the rights of women under the Kenyan constitution.

  • Christine Lokidogoi

    Business owner / Cell Phone Charging Company

    BOMA provided Christine with seed capital to start a new business. BOMA’s mentors provided her with business and life-skills training. Christine started a business charging cell phones using a solar panel. Business flourished. Her cellphone charging business continued to boom even after she exited BOMA’s program. “I am now hopeful for the future.” Christine says.

  • Kiringace Lalaur

    Business owner / Livestock Trading Operation

    From living in a tiny manyatta in Barsaloi devastated by climate change, life changed for Kiringace when she was selected along with two women from her village to enroll in BOMA’s poverty graduation program, where they were given seed capital of $300 USD to start up a business. After several trainings on developing business skills like marketing, record keeping and inventory management, the women started a business trading livestock, using the seed capital to purchase goats.

  • Lina Lesangale

    Business owner / Livestock and Poultry Farming Business

    Thanks to a NAWIRI business recovery grant, Lina’s business group were able to expand their poultry business and begin selling more produce. “We can collect up to 600 eggs in a day,” Lina said. “The mobile phones we were given by The BOMA Project has really helped in staying in touch and communication.” Their business has given their community invaluable access to nutritionally rich food like eggs and meat, created jobs, and provided reliable income for both women’s families.

BOMA has helped more than 200,000 women and children break the intergenerational cycle of extreme poverty by empowering women to start more than 12,000 businesses across seven counties in Northern Kenya.

Join the Campaign

Whether you’re supporting BOMA directly as an individual, or supporting us as a female-led business, take a look at our brochure for more information and to realize the difference your donations can make.

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You can donate to BOMA directly by pressing the DONATE button at the top of this page and following the instructions.

You can register your female-run business to be part of the WPW Movement by making a direct donation. Visit this page to donate now.

As a thank you, your business will receive a WPW marketing toolkit that can be used online and in retail locations to show that you stand together with WPW.

100% of BOMA’s profits from its Women Powered Wednesday campaign will go directly to funding new women-powered businesses in the drylands of Africa.

BOMA originated in Northern Kenya. As the project expands, so too does our reach, with women and children in Chad and Uganda soon to reap BOMA’s good work.

$1 Million = 10,000

Women Entrepreneurs


In 2021, BOMA reached more households, more populations, and more countries than ever before. As we settle into the new year, we want to thank you for all your support. Together, we can make 2022 an even more impactful year!

#TheBOMADifference #BeTheChange

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Make gift-giving a habit in 2022 by donating monthly to BOMA! Your contributions will help #EndExtremePoverty and lift 3 million people out of poverty over the next five years. #BeTheChange and start the new year off right.

Find out more here: https://bit.ly/3p75I5O

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There's still time to give in 2021! Whether you donate stocks or cryptocurrency, have your employer match your gift, shop with Amazon Smile, or send a personalized e-card, every contribution you make will help #EndExtremePovery.

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Today, we want to recognize and celebrate the successes of our participants. By investing in #Education, working to mitigate #ClimateChange and fighting for #GenderEquality, all while becoming entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities, they truly inspire all of us at BOMA. ...

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Meet Selina Lekiman, mother of five and BOMA businesswoman. A champion of #Education and #WomensEmpowerment, she hopes we all take the time to remember one another this holiday season.

Here are all the ways you can give to BOMA to support women like Selina and help break the intergenerational cycle of #ExtremePoverty: https://bit.ly/3GR5pCw

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“Our BOMA women are redefining what it means to be an African woman in their conservative societies. They are running profitable businesses, have set up savings groups, are loaning to others in their communities and are now taking up leadership positions to address environmental issues. It is simply inspiring to see them break old constructs”

- Elsie Mbugua, BOMA Board Member

Help BOMA women achieve #GenderEquality by donating here: https://bit.ly/3rhtZb7

#EndExtremePoverty #BeTheChange

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Go paperless this holiday season! Donate to BOMA in honor of your loved one and we'll send them a custom e-card. Make your gift here: https://bit.ly/3rhtZb7 and together, we can transform the lives of millions and #EndExtremePoverty in the drylands of Africa — for good. ...

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We are proud to report that BOMA has achieved a 98.3% staff #COVID19 vaccination rate as of last month. Read about how Barnabas Barmin, a Mentor Supervisor in Marsabit, motivated his team to get vaccinated here: https://bit.ly/3dTvELU ...

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BOMA is proud to welcome tech leader and innovator Srilatha "Sri" Kothur to our U.S. Board of Directors! With more than 14 years of experience in the tech industry, Sri currently serves as Head of Apple Cloud Data Engineering and Platforms. Learn more through the link in our bio. ...

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